Sunday, May 12, 2013

Finally, Travel Approval.

Dear Travel Approval,

You arrived this week Thursday-you little stinker!   Over the past three weeks I have loved you and intensely disliked you simutaneously.  One minute you gave me hope and the next you made me want to scream.  We waited 21 days for you to arrive--that was about 7 more days than we expected.

TA, after 351 days of waiting you have finally extended to us an invitation to travel to China and pick up Tulip.  Thank you.  We felt each day--some days we felt each hour, and in those last 7 days, we felt each minute.  Since you arrived, happiness has returned to our lives.  Tears aren't so close to falling and bags are starting to be packed.

We are READY to GO!
the Diplofam

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