Monday, December 31, 2012

New Picture of Tulip

As I mentioned before, there is an organization called International China Concern that is working in the orphanage that Tulip lives in.  I sent them an e-mail over the weekend looking for someone who had some more information on Tulip and also letting them know that we are adopting her.  This morning I received a series of replies from the acting director.  Here is some of what she said:

"Oh Carin, really, little Pumpkin - how blessed your family will be, she is such a heart breaker - much, much loved - how lovely."

"I've known her from when she first came into our centre - together with pictures.  Much love has been poured into her life to get her to where she is today.  We even have video footage of her story - she is indeed a star!" 

"K*** will be very very excited as we all are to see her go to her forever family.  Her life is such a testament to what ICC (International China Concern) does."

And then she sent me a picture of Tulip--just taken last month.  What a sweetie! I can't wait to kiss those cheeks!!!  This picture and the promise of more to come will help us get through the coming months of waiting. 

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