Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Big News!

Quite unexpectetly, we received our letter of acceptance on Monday!!!  We were told that it is normal to wait about 60-90 days for this document--ours was processed in 37 day!! I think that this is the first time we were ahead of schedule on something. As I mentioned before, the letter of acceptance (LOA) is a huge step in the process and it ushers in the final steps of Tulip's adoption!!  Here are a couple of pictures of our LOA:

We had to check one of the boxes with our decision---um, I can't imagine anyone getting to this point and checking 'We cannot accept the adoptee mentioned'. 
When I called our adoption agency yesterday I was told that our file, which has been in IMMIGRATION department for the past 6 months, has been moved to the TRAVEL department!! This made me happy and a little sad--happy to be moving on but sad that I can't call any of the friends I have made in the immigration department because they can no longer answer my questions.

So, now our focus is on travel--which we hope to do in about 10 weeks (could be up to 14 weeks).  
Once again my computer desk is filled with forms to be filled out and paperwork to be read and understood.  My to-do list, which had gotten pretty short, is suddenly filled back up! 

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