Monday, March 11, 2013

What Do You See?

I mentioned ever so briefly in my last post about where we are on the journey to Tulip, "We are on day 40 of waiting on our Letter of Acceptance from the Chinese government.  And since the typical wait is about 60 days, we I am happily nesting--cleaning and organizing every single square inch of the house."
This morning I have the urge to write a little more about Tulip.  Last week we received a video of her--just her.  It was sent so we can see a little bit of her development to this point.  At first we weren't going to post the video--we wanted to keep it private.  Why?  Well, we were trying to protect her and ourselves (mostly ourselves if I am being honest) from people who may watch it and see the opposite of what we see.  When we watch it (ten times every day) we see our daughter.  We see a child who almost died 2 years ago but now is full of life.  We see a child who has lived in an orphanage for most of her life but despite that is strong and healthy and my friends, she can walk backwards!!! We see that she has blocked tearducts and we wonder if that is something we will need to correct.  We see a nice row of bottom teeth. We see a pudgy little tummy that peeks out under many layers of clothing.  We see those signature pig tails which keep getting longer and longer.  

We have changed our minds about posting the video.  We want you to see everything that we see.  We want you to love this child too.  We can't be afraid of what other people see or say.  We know how God sees her--He created her in His image and she is perfect.  We agree.  We hope you will too.


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