Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Tulip!

 Today is Tulip's 2nd birthday. It most likely is not really her birthday. When she was found on January 2 and brought to the orphanage they estimated her to be about 3 months old. It bothers me a little big bit that I will never know her actual birthday because if you haven't noticed, we like to make a big deal out of birthdays.  I am coming to terms with some of the unknowns that encircle an orphan's past but I think I should be allowed to grieve the fact that no one that she knows is going to celebrate her today.  We were able to send her a birthday gift (which we hope arrived) before we left Michigan.  More than likely, the orphanage did not know that Tulip had even been chosen to be adopted until they opened her birthday box and read the paperwork our agency had prepared. Perhaps she will get some extra attention now that they know.  I also wondered if maybe her nanny was sad when she read the letter and saw our picture knowing that Tulip would be leaving in a few months.
 We plan to celebrate Tulip's birthday tonight with some take-out Chinese food, a birthday cake, and one other surprise that I will share later.  It doesn't seem quite right not to celebrate because well, she is alive and we do consider her part of our family- even though there is lots of paperwork and many miles separating us.

 I have also begun to work on a special gift for Tulip--her very own quilt.  We would like to invite everyone to be a part of the making of this quilt.  More details later but here is a sneak peek of the blocks. 

Dear Tulip,
Happy Birthday sweet girl!  We are celebrating you today--that you were granted life two years ago,  that you have survived some hard and dangerous circumstances, and that you have been given a NEW HOPE and a future with our family.  We are imagining that when you fall asleep tonight, you are cuddled up with the new soft blankie that we sent.  
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Anne, Isaac, Clara and Josiah
P.S. We smothered your blankie with hugs and kisses before we wrapped it in the box :)

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