Thursday, November 22, 2012


It seems that each adoption is held up at some point or another by paperwork-or the lack thereof.  Well friends, we are in that place right now.  We are waiting for ONE paper.  One really dumb piece of paper guessed it (or maybe you didn't) Washington DC-the most bureaucratic 68.3 square miles in the US or A.
What is the paper we are chasing?  A child abuse report to insure that while we were living in Washington DC for five months in 2006 we didn't abuse or neglect a child in our care.  Washington DC reserves the right to take 30 days to return the form to you.  We filled this form out in August.  They sent it back to our agency in October because silly us, when it asked us to fill out the addresses we have lived at since the age of 18, we thought they meant in the addresses in DC (it is a child abuse check for DC only--we also filled out separate forms for Maryland and Michigan).  No, they wanted every single address we have lived  since the age of 18--in and out of DC.  So now they are allowing themselves another 30 days to get to our file again.  The supervisor NEVER answers her phone or returns voice mails.  So, we wait. And wait.
This paper is all we need to complete our homestudy report-which needs to be completed before we can obtain an I-797 which is the only document needed to complete our Dossier for China.

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