Thursday, November 22, 2012


We love her and want the very best for her right now but we have absolutely no way to insure that will happen.  

But God also wants the very best for her right now.  He does have the power to place people in her life. To love her and care for her. To protect her like we long to do.

Guess what we found out today?  God is doing exactly that.

Over the past month or so I have seen other waiting adoptive families getting pictures and information about their child from other families picking up their child from the same orphanage.  I was jealous.  I wanted that same confirmation--those precious updated pictures and information.  Yesterday, in a moment of curiosity and possibly desperation I Googled the Social Welfare Centre where Tulip lives.  A site came up called International China Concern.  I clicked over and learned some amazing information my friends.  ICC has a team working in Tulip's orphanage.  This is an overtly Christian organization that provides physical and occupational therapy to the children who live there.  They have teams of Christian volunteers that come to play and love our little Tulip.  They also provide education and support to parents who have a desire to parent their disabled child.

I continued looking through their site today and you will never believe what I found.  In ICC's 2011 summary newsletter dated Dec.31, 2011 there is a story about our sweet girl with two more pictures of her!!

"****** is a little tiny girl with Down’s syndrome. She was
abandoned, probably when her parents discovered her disability
in January 2011. For over two months she lived in the government
Welfare Centre where she became thin and
frail. She developed severe infections throughout her body and
hovered close to death until a space finally became available with
us in one of the Baby Rooms.
At first we didn’t know if she would survive the re-feeding
process and the infections in her body, but her caregivers
patiently nursed, cleaned and fed her, and the nurses
checked on her several times a day. After about a week, a
nasogastric tube was inserted to feed her as she was too
weak to get all the nutrition she needed.
Throughout all of this her eyes looked at us deep and wide and seriously, and she
did not give up in her spirit. One of the local nurses spoke of her saying, “her eyes
speak words to us.” After several weeks of feeding and lots of love, care and attention
from the caregivers in her room, She started to turn a corner. Her frail
4.3 kg body was soon over 6 kg and as of October 2011 was 7.1 kg. She is still a
petite little girl, but she is healthy and interactive, learning to play, stand, communicate
and love others. She has a great appetite and she is healthy. Her life speaks of
the wonderful saving grace of God."

That's our baby!  We knew from her medical report that she was very sick and on the verge of death.  What we didn't know was how God provided for her.
Now we know.  The volunteer's of ICC saved our daughter's life!

God wanted the very best for Tulip when he placed Christian volunteers in the Social Welfare Centre in 2011 to nurse a very sick little girl back to perfect health.

God wants the very best for her right now and he has placed people in her life to love her, play with her, care for her weak muscles and protect her.

I am ashamed of my doubt and worry.
I think my fears are justified but God keeps showing me they are not.
He has cared for her for much longer than I have.
He has carried her in his hands and he loves her much deeper and stronger and I ever will.

Dear sweet Tulip,
You are in good hands. 
Love Mommy

Do you want to see Tulip?????????????
Here is a video we found with her in it!!!!!
I think you should watch the whole thing but just in case you are short on time she hits the screen at minute 4:08.

To God be the Glory.

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